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A small program (10 KB) for background kind of tiles:

Sjors, 6 years, one day 
he will be a tiler, like 
most of us





Sophie, 7 years,
she putted tiles here,


A preview of the output from a program turning squares.  This program runs remarkably faster than, because all calculations are done with arrays.

After completing an electronics BSc I worked with several companies:
-NIKHEF (National Institute of High Energy Physics, 
 circuit designer)
-CAP GEMINI (technical team manager)
-NMI (National Gauging Institute, instrument evaluator)

For almost 15 years I live in Amsterdam, the biggest village on earth. I enjoy living with my family, programming, aikido and motor biking.

The paintings are made by:

Another site I made, about an excellent cheap temperature, humidity sensor, you will find here

If you want to contact me:

































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